Wheelchair Accesible Tours

Apart from its unique beauty, Barcelona is one of the most wheelchair accessible cities in the world. We know we still have a long way to go, but at The Barcelonian we are fully committed to your needs and we fight everyday to make improvements so that you can explore and experience this incredible place without limitations.

Barcelona without barriers

Barcelona city is working to achieve accessibility for disabled people with one main objective: to create a cohesive city which will favour quality of life and respect for diversity.

We aim to build a better Barcelona, in search of freedom, autonomy and facilities that enable everyone to take part in our world-wide renowned historic sites, our beautiful parks, our street life, our music, and our beautiful and relaxing Mediterranean Sea. So that this city can be enjoyed by everyone.

This is why at The Barcelonian we have dedicated time to create tailor-made accessible tours so that you can discover the true Barcelona.

The Barcelonian believes in tourism that EVERYONE can enjoy

The lack of accessibility makes people with disabilities wary of travelling to unknown places due to the difficulties they may encounter. Inaccessible infrastructure and facilities abound in hotels, restaurants, transport terminals, tourist attractions, and other venues, where the needs of people with disabilities have been given little or no consideration. Barcelona has made an enormous effort to eliminate architectural barriers and become an accessible city for anyone with functional diversity.

Most of the city’s tourist establishments, from museums and cultural centres to accommodation and restaurants, have adapted their facilities to accommodate society’s functional diversity.

Barcelona has museums adapted for the blind, partially sighted plus wheelchair accessible; incredible hotels to hang out in; sign-language tours; you can plunge yourself into the Mediterranean Sea with the full knowledge that you will be well looked after… these are just some of the options available.

Conducting tours and carrying out activities with groups of individuals with specific and different access requirements can reveal where obstacles are encountered, where tour guides, group leaders or other hospitality staff may need to be aware of any particular issues that may arise. At The Barcelonian we have kept all this in mind while creating the routes. Our attractions and activities have been re-designed – starting with examining the perspectives of visitors with disabilities, who may experience the place in quite a different way from others. By focusing on their abilities, rather than their disabilities or limitations.

Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions or any further suggestions. We really value your opinion. You are the experts, let us grow together!

If you’re looking for accessible ways to discover this city, you’ve come to the right place.

Our wheelchair accessible tours in Barcelona

At The Barcelonian we want our tours to be available to all. That is why, whenever possible, we have the same tour whether you are a wheelchair user or not. In our Modernism Tour it is available for all the public. A 2-hour and half tour with a pit stop to get a drink or just have a bathroom break (with a fully accessible restroom).

Our Wine tasting experience is also 100% accessible. So if you are a solo traveller you can join the group whether you are a wheelchair user or not. In this activity you will learn about numerous famous Catalan wines while enjoying some traditional tapas.

In some cases we are not able to have the same route for all, such as the tour in the Gothic quarter. It is a little bit more complicated to find accessible routes around these neighbourhoods, due to the narrow streets and infrastructure built since ancient Roman and medieval times. Nevertheless, we have found a solution to it. We will bring you around the Old City of Barcelona but on a more personalized route to each traveller, to make it more comfortable for you when you are on our tour.

If you are the kind of traveller that prefers to have everything more scheduled and organized when you arrive at your destination, we have a 3-day package where you will not miss any of the essentials of Catalunya.

This package includes highlights of the Medieval Barcelona (Gothic quarter), Gaudí’s masterpieces and other renowned architects of his time, as well as a wine & tapas experience where you will enjoy a variety of Catalan wines at a wine-tasting cellar. Furthermore, you will also enjoy a day trip to Montserrat. All this and more on our fully-accessible 3-day package!