New York Times Travel Show

This year, the New York Times Travel Show will be celebrating their 15th year anniversary and The Barcelonian is joining in the celebration!

The New York Times Travel Show, with over 550 exhibitors representing more than 170 destinations, is one of the biggest travel shows in the United States, helping people travel smarter. It will have unforgettable cultural performances, and showcase the world’s most desired holiday destinations.

The New York Times Travel Show 2018 is located in the Jacob Javits Center in New York, from the 26th of January till the 28th of January. Come and visit The Barcelonian at booth 371!

The Barcelonian will be offering new walking tours and experiences, encompassing breathtaking sights, tastes and sounds of Barcelona. This will allow our travellers to discover Barcelona in the most authentic way possible, while at the same time, respecting cultures, conservation of traditions and sustainable tourism.

After a whole year of constant research, The Barcelonian has also created Packages for everyone to enjoy. We have created a special package for first timers in the city, covering all the essentials; a wine tasting experience to traditional vineyards where you can take in the stunning Catalan countryside; you can immerse yourself in nature with one of our Camping packages or soak up the sun while sailing around the Mediterranean sea.

We love Barcelona, we love Catalonia, we want you to fall in love with it too. This is why we will be representing this wonderful city at The New York Times Travel Show 2018!