Discover the legends and secrets of Barcelona

Even if you visited the city 100 times, we don’t think you’d get to know every last bit of it.

An infinite number of mythical spots and stories lay hidden in this magical city. Join us on The Barcelonian’s best selling tour to have a virtual experience of the Barcelona that no other agency or tour guide will show you.

This 2-hour walking tour starts in Plaça Catalunya Square and takes you through the highlights of the old city (gothic quarter) with a guide, and an exclusive mobile app that will show you pictures from the 1800’s , of the exact same spots you are visiting. So you will be able to visualize the present and the past on this tour.

No internet? No problem! Free Wi-fi is also provided on this tour!

Gothic Quarter Tour

Do you know the city’s true stories? Have you ever visited the religious place where unmarried women once abandoned their newborn babies?

Walk the same streets as the Vampire of El Raval and discover the dark story of the woman who took the lives of many children. Or perhaps you’ll want to see where the city’s executioner once lived. Step back in time and discover a day in the life of Antoni Gaudí, what inspired his works and the hospital in which he drew his last breath.

Places with their own stories, such as the Pont del Bisbe, the Hospital, Barcelona’s oldest churches and buildings or one of Europe’s oldest synagogues. Buildings which are now part of history, like the Roman towers or the aqueduct.

Don’t miss this chance to get to know Barcelona in a way that no other agency or tour guide can show you the Authentic Barcelona.

Barri Gòtic, one of the most historic districts of Barcelona

Secrets of Barcelona: Gothic Quarter Tour


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Meeting point: Plaza Cataluña

Days: Tuesdays & Saturdays

Hours: 9:30 – 11:30

Duration: 2 hours

Secrets of Barcelona Tour


Secrets of Barcelona is a tour for everyone interested in discovering the real side of this magical mediterranean city. Telling stories that only locals would know, sharing the city’s oldests legends and revealing all its little secrets.


Legendary spots and stories lay hidden in this amazing city. Secrets of Barcelona is The Barcelonian’s best selling tour. Having a virtual experience of the Barcelona that no other agency or tour guide will show you, the Authentic Barcelona. Get to know the true mysteries of the old city through our exclusive Mobile app where you will be taken back in time. Wi-fi is also provided free of charge on this tour!


Ciutat Vella is a district of Barcelona, numbered District 1. The name means “old city” in Catalan and refers to the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Barcelona. Ciutat Vella is nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the neighborhood called l’Eixample. It is considered the centre of the city.

On this tour we bring you to two of the neighbourhoods of Ciutat Vella, the Gothic quarter, featuring a fusion of buildings dating from Roman times to the 20th century.

The second neighbourhood will be El Raval, part of the second stage development of historic Barcelona and it also used to be famous as the city’s red-light district.


At The Barcelonian we believe in sustainable tourism and authenticity, we accomplish this with small groups. Our Secrets of Barcelona Tour is never larger than 20 people per group and we only provide this unique tour twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9:30 am .


As sector leaders, we’re able to offer you what you deserve:

Small groups:

Enough of huge groups. Discover Barcelona in a small, low-key group to get the most out of the experience.

Off the beaten track

Apart from showing you the best-known sights, we have some hidden gems up our sleeves that do not appear in any travel guide, which are bound to make a lasting impression on you. We reveal the very heart of the city so that you feel part of it. Tours including dining options and a huge range of other choices.

Barcelona, in one click:

You’ll get exclusive access to our official App, where, with a wide array of options, you’ll be able to get tour info in real time, see exclusive photos and videos, find out about more secret spots, gather information and consult interactive maps that you can share later with family and friends.

Free Wi-Fi during the tour

Making distance disappear. If your loved ones have been unable to come along with you, let them share what you’re seeing live on the tour.

Discover with us one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona!