Barcelona- so much to see but so little time!

On our 3 day tour, you won’t miss out on the best parts of the city!  Discovering the Gothic quarter, we will take you through the medieval times of Barcelona, as well as all the masterpieces of the Modernism era where Gaudí’s and other renowned architects’ extraordinary work shine throughout the city !  You will also become a wine connoisseur, enjoying a variety of wines at a Catalan wine tasting cellar. Furthermore, on a day trip to Montserrat, you will discover an ancient monastery and a mountainous landscape with strange rock formations unlike anywhere else in the world. And last but not least- we won’t let you go without learning how to make a local dish in our traditional Catalan cooking class, where you will gain hands-on experience and culinary skills with fresh ingredients in from the famous Santa Caterina market!

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