CANYONING IN CATALONIA                   

Canyoning is an aquatic activity that consists of travelling the watercourse on a mountain with the different techniques such as walking, climbing, jumping, or swimming…
Join The Barcelonian’s adventure team to learn canyoning techniques that will properly be explained and supervised by certified professionals, and will help you progress through the canyon.

Canyoning is one of the world’s fastest growing adventure sports

The sport gets outdoor enthusiasts into their wetsuits and out of their comfort zones as they explore rivers, gorges and other parts of nature normally deemed inaccessible.

It all started as an exploration sport just like caving or mountaineering, and it’s only been on the adventure scene for 15 or 20 years.

Quite often we would descend using a rope down the waterfalls, sometimes we can jump, sometimes (depending on the canyon) we can even slide down!

Canyoning is a sport that everybody can enjoy, a sport where you can do as little or as much as you want and feel comfortable with. Whether you want to experience the pure adventure and adrenaline rush or just explore these beautiful and unique places, do not miss out on this once in a lifetime adventure!

Feel the adrenaline rush on a full day canyoning trip from Barcelona!


  • Neoprene suit
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • State-certified guide
  • Photographic Report
  • Mini Picnic (Energy bars)

Material you must bring: High cane boots or sports shoes, swimwear, spare clothing, food and water.

We will make different suggestions of canyons to descend according to the level of difficulty and your preferences.

Located in Sant Privat d’en Bas (La Garrotxa) and under Salt de Sallent (a waterfall of 140m), we find the Gurn, a beautiful gorge ideal for initiation and families. The water is of green emerald color-  Ideal to discover the world of canyoning.

Barranquismo – Canyoning


* If you want to reserve a date that is not available, contact us here.

Season: April to October

Duration of the activity: 3 to 4 hours

Location: Sant Privat d’en Bas (La Garrotxa)

Minimum age: 7 years old. (children must always be accompanied by an adult)

Meeting point: Train station of Manlleu

Sant Privat d’en Bas, Canyoning in la Garrotxa


Canyoning is considered for everyone, it won’t disappoint neither the experienced nor the eager beginner ready to try on a new challenge.


Canyoning is a sport that, for some years, is taking a considerable boost in our country. It is about lowering the sports sections of the rivers and allowing the recreation, which provides the water, with the exceptional landscapes that the mountains offer.


The “La Garrotxa” region of Catalonia lies between the Pyrenees mountains & the beautiful Costa Brava coastal region in Spain. La Garrotxa is best known for its well-preserved medieval villages, good food, outdoor activity opportunities, Romanesque churches, and volcanic parks.


At The Barcelonian we believe in sustainable tourism and authenticity, and we accomplish this with small groups. Our Canyoning Experience is never larger than 10 people per group and we only provide this unique tour between the months of April and October – only on Saturdays at 10:00 am.


At the end of the day, canyoning exists for one reason and one reason only; it’s insanely fun!

It’s a great adventure sport, a fantastic way to get out into the countryside and explore the rivers and gorges, to get waist-deep in the water of new countries on your travels and to see waterfalls and slides- the likes of which you never even knew existed!

Discover the natural beauty of Catalonia!