La Barceloneta, the seaside neighborhood

Experience the seaside neighborhood of La Barceloneta on this unique two hour tour. Located in the fishing district, this is one of Barcelona’s oldest and most beloved beaches. We will guide you through its narrow back streets where there is still an old village feel to the place.

La Barceloneta district was designed in the 18th century and used to be a fishermen’s village. Now, the district is a main meeting point for both locals and tourists any season of the year. For its cozy streets, its distinctive architecture, numerous seafood restaurants, bars, and lively beaches that surround it!

The district consists of a total of four beaches. Sant Sebastià beach is the closest to the modern W Hotel, then comes the beach of Barceloneta, and further down you will come across the beach of Sant Miquel, where the magical sculpture of Rebecca Horn (L’Estel Ferit) is located. The beach of Somorrostro is the last one in the district where there used to be a shanty town that housed 15,000 people up until the mid-20th century.

This district is great to stroll around and see all the buildings that are smaller and simpler than the rest of the city; most of the balconies are covered with blue and yellow flags, yes, the Barceloneta neighborhood even has its own flag!

Points of interest:

  • Palau del Mar
  • Church of Sant Miquel
  • Casa de la Barceloneta
  • Market of la Barceloneta
  • Rebecca Horn sculpture “L’Estel Ferit”
  • Torre del Rellotge
  • Juan Muñoz sculpture “La habitación donde siempre llueve”
  • Cap de Barcelona
  • Plaça Antoni Lopez
  • Casa Xifre
  • Llotja

Our experience includes:

  • Professional local guide
  • Walking Tour of the old fishing district

Barceloneta Tour


* If you want to reserve a date that is not available, contact us here.

Meeting point: Metro stop Barceloneta – Barcelona

Days: Thursdays and Sundays 

Hours: 10:00 – 12:00

Duration: 2 hours

La Barceloneta Tour in Barcelona


The Barceloneta district is all about the sea, it’s about seafood restaurants, pretty marinas, old fishermen’s houses and sunbathing on the beach, of course! This seaside area of the city is for anyone who has a love for the sea itself or maybe just its cuisine. Suitable for the whole family, couples, friends… it doesn’t matter this district attracts everyone!


The Barceloneta was once the home of fishermen, people associated with the fishing trade and the metal industry, and is now one of the city’s most visited and popular districts. In 1988, in pre-Olympic days, the decision was taken to demolish the old beachfront restaurants, known as xiringuitos, and public baths, heralding a process of opening the city up to the sea and the modernisation of an area which now offers first-class beaches as the main attraction for its visitors.


The Barceloneta is a triangular spit of land that cuts into the sea boats in the old harbour, or Barcelona’s Port Vell, on one side, and sandy beaches on the other, including Barceloneta beach, Somorrostro beach, Sant Sebastià beach and Sant Miquel beach.


At The Barcelonian we believe in sustainable tourism and authenticity, we accomplish this with small groups, our Barceloneta Tour is never larger than 20 people per group and we only provide this unique tour twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays at 10:00.


The neighbourhood, with its narrow, rectilinear streets, was built on a military grid structure to provide accommodation for the former inhabitants of La Ribera, who had lost their homes due to the construction of the citadel. The houses were low-rise and small in scale so as not to obstruct views of the city. This makes it one of the district with most history to discover.

Today, Barceloneta still holds to the small fishermen’s town charm, but at the same time, it’s filled with activity, restaurants and nightlife. It’s one of the city’s magnets for leisure.

Discover this unique neighborhood!