Open House Barcelona

October 26-27 2019

48H Open House Barcelona is a festival of architecture that takes place every year in the city of Barcelona. This year’s edition of the festival is held on the 26th and 27th of October 2019. It is an initiative of the 48h Open House Barcelona association, which began in London in 1992. From then on, the concept of an ‘Open House’ has been implemented around the world, each country have their own week dedicated to local architecture. 48h Open House aims to encourage locals to understand the worth of excellent design and urbanism.

The event is held by “Open House Worldwide”, a global organization centered on the promotion of design. The first time the festival was held in Barcelona was back in 2010. Since then, its fame and importance has been increasing every year. Because of the range of historical buildings, venues and architectural structures that the visitors of the festival can admire.

Open House offers a unique opportunity to access the interior of buildings and venues in Barcelona whose access is normally closed to the public. There are no entrance fees to these buildings, you can also take part in the guided tours, which is able to be guided either by architects or students of design or architecture.

The 48H Open House Barcelona program is built around the broad network of buildings which will open their doors to the general public and it is set within the city neighbourhoods. The festival will be in Barcelona, Santa Coloma, Vilassar de Dalt, Sant Joan Despí, Badalona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The participation of numerous architects and volunteers brings guests nearer to the city’s architecture, plus the number of activities that are happening during the festival. The fact that it is a completely free event encourages a wide an audience as possible to participate regardless of age, gender, level of education, or architectural expertise.

With this also dialogue between tourists and locals improves, since it is an event that anyone can join!

This is all possible thanks to everyone that volunteers. Volunteers can be divided basically into two groups, those who have a professional or semi-professional profile (such as students in architecture who do guided visits to venues or architects who have projected a building). The second group are those volunteers that do not have a profile related to architecture but can help with preparation and organization tasks at the event.

48H Open House also has some fun contests during the festival.

#OpenFoto: Photography contest

#OpenSketch: Drawing activity 

#OpenGram: Photography contest on ‘Instagram’