Gastronomic Experience

We want to take you off the beaten path so you can discover the best of Catalonia’s local gastronomic hotspots. Eat and drink like a local and explore hidden neighborhoods where you will enjoy fresh local produce, traditional recipes, wine tasting and tapas.

Wine tasting and Tapas tours

Food Tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is well-known for its unique culture, incredible nightlife, its distinctive architecture, but, above all its amazing food! From delicious typical tapas to modern gastronomy- If we’re talking about gastronomy in Spain, we can’t fail to mention Catalan cuisine. Catalonia is a gastronomic paradise with a blend of heritage. Its gastronomy is known to be locally produced, traditional, creative, and innovated.

All this, with an endless love of fine-dining culture makes Catalonia a great place for food lovers. Catalonia is famous for its wide range of fresh local produce from the sea, the mountains and its vegetable life. The Barcelonian believes that traveling is not just visiting monuments and learning the history, but also experiencing the true living customs while mixing with the locals.

We try to make this possible, immersing you into Catalan culture and giving you a local gastronomic experience with its cuisine! We will be bringing you to the locally known spots for some great food and drinks or even teaching you how to make traditional Catalan and Spanish food! Home to some of the world’s most famous chefs such as Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda and Sergi Arola, Catalonia is without a doubt one of the best places to sample the finest Mediterranean cuisine. Some would even say it is a gastronomic paradise! And its capital, Barcelona, has a numerous selection of restaurants for all taste buds and budgets.

Experience the Spanish gastronomy with our tours!