7 Grogs

Along the route we can enjoy 7 Gorgs (waterfalls). Once we get to the first waterfall the following are 10 minutes from each other. So it will not give you time to dry. Before you know it, you’ll be soaking again. This itinerary located in the town of Campdevànol (Girona) a few kilometers from Ripoll, is one of those great natural wonders that are close to home and that many times go unnoticed, eclipsed by destinations more exotic and distant.

This circular itinerary, runs along a path parallel to the Estiulà stream and takes us for almost 10 kilometers, by seven wells (gorgs) or natural pools that are formed by the passage of the river. These seven Gorgs, of different sizes and shapes, but all of them spectacular, are one of Catalonia’s great hidden wonders.

This crossing, runs through the mountain and its difficulty is quite simple, this day excursion is suitable for all. Following the path (not very well marked at some points) we will go through each of the seven pools, where we can bathe and enjoy transparent but also very cold waters.

From Campdevànol, we will go towards Gombrèn. After 3 kilometers we will arrive at a detour that indicates the Itinerari del Torrent de la Cabana. It is right after the Campsite.

The route begins near the camping Pirinenc, where we will start the route through Torrent de la Cabana and we will arrive at the initial part of the route, La Font del Querol. The road from Font del Querol to the first gorg, is wide and accessible and already begins to leave samples of the beauty of this enclave.

The crystal clear waters of the river as they pass through the area leave us unique images, which will accompany us throughout the journey.

Many people come to visit the route of the seven waterfalls, in family, with their animals or with friends, in order to spend a day in the countryside under a different environment.

Road to the 7 Gorgs

On the way to the first of the 7 gorgs, as throughout the journey for the 10 kilometers of the route, trees and plants will be our companions as well as insects and birds.

The Gorg de la Cabana, is the first that we find in our adventure for the Torrent de la Cabana. Difficult to access to bathe, this waterfall flows into a small precious natural pool. Located at the bottom of the road, getting down to it can be a bit dangerous, so to avoid problems we decided to watch it from the top and take some photos while enjoying the place. The first natural pool, impresses anyone and is a preview of what awaits us on this fabulous route.

After contemplating and enjoying the Gorg de la Cabana, we continue the march, for an area a little more difficult and with more unevenness.

The next stop on the road is one of the most spectacular of the route and also the best to take a bath. The Gorg de la Tosca is one of the most accessible and beautiful pools in the area and perfect for a stop and enjoy the place. The temperature of the water in this Gorg is quite low and it costs a little acclimate but it is worth doing because the body thanks you.

The Gorg de la Bauma is the next point of interest of the tour, under a calm and calm environment shows us another of the most spectacular pools of Torrent de la Cabana


The Gorg de l’Olla is the closest to the one we left so we headed towards it, wanting to find a new idyllic place and so it was although by the way, we could not resist the grandeur of the route and its great beauty.

The Gorg de l’Olla is also a point to take into account and ideal for bathing, by size and location, but like the rest, its cold water makes you think twice before entering.

L’Olla, is one of the Gorgs with better possibilities to play in and throw from the rocks, but always with caution, since under the water is full of rocks.


After having a great time in the Gorg de L’Olla, the road continued to show us green and wooded areas, which it was pleasant to visit.

The Gorg del Forat, we expected but just like the Gorg de la Cabana was more complicated access to it so we stopped to take some photos and we continue

After a few minutes we arrive at the Gorg of Petit Colomer, another of the places to highlight the itinerary and the best to have fun by the possibility of launching from the rocks.


With one of the most spectacular images, the Petit Colomer is the closest thing to a desert beach but in the middle of the mountains, with crystal clear waters that nobody leaves indifferent.

And from the Petit Colomer to the Gorg of Colomer, the most demanded and massified of all, for its size and spectacular. With a waterfall of more than 10 meters is the most impressive of all and launch from the top of the rocks, a real feat.

To get to Colomer, you do not have to do it all the way, since the road, which later becomes a road and runs parallel to the itinerary from the top.


All the way is signposted with the green sign (circular path) in trees and rocks, but still you have to look at some stretches not to get lost. The 7 Gorgs as it is a great day trip to enjoy an atypical but full of life where to see up close face of nature.


*Since 2019 there is a fee of 5€ to see the waterfalls, this makes sure to keep the maximum of visitors per day less than 600. 

7 gorgs

First image: casaruralripoll.com

Second image: senderismeentren.cat